View Full Version : WSM Weekly Meet Rules:

05-13-2009, 06:59 PM
At ALL WSM events:
1. There will be no food throwing of any kind. Food throwers will be asked to leave immediately.
2. Try to keep the cussing down to a minimal, especially around children. WSM is a family oriented club.
3. Any disrespect or sideways comments made toward an employee of a venue that hosts a WSM event or meet will not be tolerated and actions will be taken accordingly. Doing burnouts in the parking lot while leaving an event is also considered an act of disrespect toward that venue.
4. Any disrespect against any other member in public at a WSM event or meet will not be tolerated and action will be taken accordingly.
5. Any person with any make or model of car or lack thereof is welcome to join in on the events and meets, as long as they respect each other, the WSM staff, and the rules.
6. If you're going to act like a dumbass, we'll probably kick your ass out.

These Meets and Events are meant to be an outlet for everyone to enjoy each other and cut loose and have some fun. These rules are in place so we can continue to do so without any negative attention from non-members or those looking to join WSM.