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01-10-2011, 06:13 AM
Thought this would be a good way to start off this board. Post up your favorite brand of nitrous kit and what the setup was. Maybe post your ET and dyno experiences with them, etc...

I'll start by saying the different kits/options I have tried.

On my old 302/306 setup my first nitrous kit was the tried and true NOS 5115 kit.
Its the NOS small shot dry setup. Adjustable from 75 horsepower up to 150 I believe.
On my stock motor I never took it to the track, but in a couple street races it did beat a known 13.00 car from a 20 roll. I had it from the bone stock motor to the 347 and the best it ever ran was in the 11.30s with the old 347 setup. For some reason though it didn't like me trying to spray the bigger shot, even at 125 and with an appropriate shim in the blue regulator it stuttered on that shot.

I sold that kit and picked up a used kit that was mix/match parts.
NOS Cheater Solenoids good for up to 200 shot
NOS 15 lbs bottle with super hi flo nozzle/top
NX Shark single fogger nozzle

I loved that NX nozzle setup for the 347. On the first time out with just a 100 shot jetting, it went 11.00@121 from a 12.00 on motor. The bottle was low and I didn't quite have the timing and stuff right. I filled the bottle and set the timing properly, but also slapped in a couple gallons of 116 in the mix at the time. It jumped to 10.70s@125. Remember, this is just a 100 shot according to NX pill settings.
That kit on the dyno went from 300 rwhp on motor to 424 rwhp on the nitrous! This was with a C4 with a 3500ish stall. From 11.80ish on motor to a 10.70 on the gas. It was a great kit and I never burned a plug with NX recommended jetting and timing.

The new 434ci setup is still using the same NOS Cheater noids, but since its carbed I picked up a cold fusion plate. It seems to work OK, the car went from 6.50s on motor to 5.90s on the plate and picked up 10 mph at the 1/8 with it. I kind of think the solenoids are old and need to be rebuilt, but I may just buy some newer bigger solenoids, probably from NX.

I hear the NX Gemini-twin plate setup is pretty good for carbed cars.

So share your thoughts and stories.,

01-10-2011, 05:56 PM

just because i like the name lol.

sorry back to the topic.

01-13-2011, 12:44 AM
I started out with the Nitrous Works Kit some years ago. Didn't know what the heck I was doing so I started out with a small 75 shot or so, scared i was gonna break sumpthin'. After a few hits and everything seemed to work fine, I learned more about timing with the nitrous and the numbers improved. My ole 302 ran 8.0's on motor and 7.18 with the Nitrous Works Kit. Being a Novice and being frightened to death that I might break sumpthin, I inspected the motor to believe I had blown a headgasket. Then the 347 was built. I then purchased the N.O.S. Edelbrock Big Shot Plate for the RPM Intake. This kit would best a 6.68 or so. Later I upgraded the H/C/I to the RPM-II. Westside Machine ported the BigShot Plate to match the RPM-II. This combo has dipped into the 6.3x.
N.O.S. ratings seemed to be off at the dyno at Conley's Performance some years ago, yielding 94RWHP while using the 150hp jetting. The latter part of 2010 was a good year my nitrous numbers. Finally getting the bottle pressure, correct plugs, correct timing and optimum jetting all on the same page. Hopefully, she'll stay together in 2011.

05-08-2011, 06:19 PM
Couple of years ago when I bought my 93 Cobra it came with a AFR headed 347 and EFI. I put this motor in my silver 88' T-Top gt. I took the EFI off and changed to a carb'd setup. The 88' went 11.20's on the 347 once I got some of the previous owners build issues lined out. That was with full interior and 26 x 10.50 ET Streets and a Tremec 5-spd. I driove the car to work and back on nice days ( no a/c and I'm fair weather). Finally I found the NOS Plate I had stashed in teh garage for about 10 years. Dusted it off and put it on the car. After a little tinkering ( and some help from Carl) I put the 150 pills in it and the car finally went 10.61 @ 129.7 at NMRA the 1st pass in the True Street class this passed November 60' 1.54. My second pass would have been my best .... 60' was a 1.45 and then it broke the ring gear.

After that I'm hooked back on the NOS again. New motor in the 93 will have the same Big Shot kit on it.

05-08-2011, 07:25 PM
I'll go ahead and post my experience. When I first started racing I had the 88GT Convertible that had a set of ported GT40 irons, 30lb injectors, cobra intake, exhaust with shorty headers, T5 and 3.73, I put a NOS big shot plate on it that goes between the upper and lower intake manifold and with me on and off the nitrous between shifts I went 12.40 at 3550 pounds on the 150 shot. I wanted more speed and the heavy convertible wasn't going to cut it so I took that exact same motor and put it in my coupe along with a C4 and tight converter and instantly went 11.20s at 2950 pounds. I ended up changing the heads to a set of ported twisted wedge heads and upped it to a 200 shot and eventually got it to run very consistent 10.60s. Did I mention that this was the same 180K factory shortblock that came out of the convertible? I'd recommend the GT40 big shot plate kit to anyone, the only issue is that it was a pain to change the jets because you had to pull the upper intake. Here is a pic of that motor in the coupe:

That motor finally gave up the ghost and spun a bearing after about 5 years of hard use and probably 35 bottles of nitrous run through it. I decided to upgrade to a 351 based motor and carb set up and ended up going with a single pro race fogger that me and and a good friend plumbed up in his garage one night. Hopefully one day I will get to try it out after I fix the motor after it dropped a valve while trying to tune it on motor.

05-08-2011, 07:39 PM
i like it all, as long as it's WET.

05-16-2011, 06:25 AM
I now have a Nitrous Express ProPower plate for the car as well as an NX propower style spraybar plumbed into the plenum area of the intake itself.. Its working very well thus far and the car has gone a best of 5.68@121.75 mph on an 82 nitrous jet which is around a 200-225 shot.

The ProPower plate is a different design than most nitrous plates. Most plates use the tubular spray bar, the propower plate actually looks like its all one piece of alluminum that was drilled out for the nitrous and fuel in a bar up the middle. It has one spray hole for each cylinder and the holes are angle drilled so that they actually point to each cylinder vs having a bunch of holes just angled downward spraying into the plenum. To me this gives better distribution to each cylinder on the SBF. So far I haven't hurt a thing with this plate and I'm no expert tuner LOL.

05-16-2011, 06:26 AM
Oh yeah, here's a couple pics of the spraybar and plate.