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Thread: 5-speed Swap 96-04 Mustang GT

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    5-speed Swap 96-04 Mustang GT

    here are the parts needed:
    Pedal Assembly
    clutch Cable
    Clutch Quadrant
    Tuner(for reflash) or a chip
    Block Spacer Plate
    Flywheel Bolts
    Clutch to flywheel Bolts
    Shift Fork
    Pilot Bearing
    Throwout bearing
    Transmission mount adapter plate(96-98 only)
    Transmission harness
    Shift boot
    Shift boot plate/rubber boot(seals trans tunnel hole)

    Start by disconnecting battery and Jacking up car or placing on a lift.
    Remove the 4- 122mm 12pt driveshaft bolts
    place drain pan under tailshaft and remove driveshaft from trans
    remove torque converter cover plate and remove torque converter nuts(will require rotating engine to acess all 4)
    Disconnect trans-cooler lines from transmission
    Remove h-pipe
    Unbolt starter
    Disconnect shift cable from transmission
    Unplug transmission harness(square plug near main injector harness bulkhead plug on pass side behind strut tower)
    remove heater hose from firewall(only the one that hooks up to plastic nipple on intake) leave connected to intake though(keeps from stressing the nipple on th intake when engine leans back)
    remove bellhousing bolts(leave bottom 2 in but loose for now)
    place jack under trans and remove trans crossmember
    lower trans a little and then totally remove the last 2 bellhousing bolts
    remove trans
    remover tans-cooler lines from car now
    remove flexplate and block spacer plate
    remove console and remove stock auto shifter
    install block spacer plate, flywheel and pilot bearing
    use a cluth alignment tool to align/install clutch disc
    install pressure plate over clutch disc and bolt up to flywheel
    remove alignment tool
    install throwout bearing on front of trans input retainer and install clutch fork
    install trans harness on 5-speed
    now put 5-speed trans in and start bellhousing bolts(don't tighten them up until all of them are started)
    (96-98 only) install trans mount adapter plate and install original auto trans mount onto plate and reinstall crossmember
    (99-04 only) take original auto trans mount/crossmeber turn it 180 degrees and install on 5-speed
    bolt starter up
    install 5-speed driveshaft and install the 4-bolts that hold it to rearend
    plug up trans harness under the hood
    hook heater hose back up
    now remove plug from firewall(where clutch cable will go)
    now onto the inside of the car
    remove lower covers under column(plastic and metal)
    remove steering shaft from column and unbolt column from dash
    unplug column and set it aside
    remove 4-bolts/nuts that hold pedal assembly to booster
    unhook brake pedal from brake booster plunger
    remove top bolt holding pedal assembly to top of firewall and unplug harness and remove auto pedal assembly
    install 5-speed pedals in reverse order of removal of auto pedals
    reinstall column and hook up steering shaft again
    route clutch cable between valve cover and master cylinder and under front of motor mount and back to trans
    insert clutch cable into hole in firewall and hook it onto the clutch quadrant on the 5-speed pedals.
    Using a pry-bar pry clutch fork forward and slip clutch cable into the clutch fork
    now fill trans with fluid thru shifter opening
    install shifter
    install shift boot plate
    reinstall console
    remove jumper plug with red/lt blue wires under dash near clutch pedals and plug harness into clutch start switch
    hook battery back up
    reflash ecm or have it chip tuned to turnoff automatic functions in ECM and correct speed sensor output
    can be driven untuned but OD light will flash on dash and speedo with read twice your actual speed.
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    Sleeved Block 80MM Billet 3BB Comp turbo Full Suspension tuned by Black Mamba Speed - 138.8mph pedaling on 10psi

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    Thank you for this. If I decide to do this one day, I'll need to locate this info, along with all the parts.
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