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Thread: 9 years ago on WSM.... Whats on your Christmas list?

  1. Exclamation 9 years ago on WSM.... Whats on your Christmas list?

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    Those throwback posts are pretty cool

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    Heck yeah! Daughter is 9 years old. Sold all the cars in my list even the Honda Pilot a year ago. Many new projects since then.

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    Hmm, that was a short list I made and looked like all tools. Little did I know that car would be wrecked less than 2 years after that and I'd be building out the coupe I have now.

    My wish list this year: A sponsor or two that's willing to throw about $5k into the race car. If I had that money here is the wish list:

    Rebuild the current motor with new rods, springs, and the rest of the basics to freshen it up.
    Maybe a new custom cam to see if I can get more out of these old Yates heads
    Have transmission checked out and freshened up by Kenny Hubbard if need be (got some trans seals leaking fluid on the floor)
    New MSD Powergrid full ignition setup
    New Induction Solutions fogger and/or Sledgehammer plate system
    A set of 12"x15x8.5 BS Streetlite rims and 28x10.5W tires
    A new carbon fiber hood and deck lid with new wing
    Lexan windows front/back
    New axle housing so I can build it up myself

    I think that's about it for the race car desires. I just don't have any money to throw at it right now. Even with a promotion at work, I only got a 6% pay increase and that wasn't much and is all going to bills.

    Now for other wants:
    A 28x32 shop in the back yard with a lift would be nice
    Get the scratches and dents taken care of in my 2014 daily driver
    An enclosed 24-26' trailer with a/c for those hot track days
    A new dishwasher to make my wife happy

    My sister-in-law or ex brother-in-law to get their act together and get a place so one of them can take custody back of their two girls that have been living with me since Dec 2014 and provide for them what they need.
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