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Thread: First 8 second timeslip...

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    First 8 second timeslip...

    Well, prior to this past weekend the best 1/4 mile time I've ever shown was a 9.2x at like 140. That was spraying to the 1/8 mile, then essentially running on motor and throttling it through the 1/4 mile. I want to say that was a 5.7x@121 1/8 mile at the time.
    Sunday my first pass off the trailer

    A measly 1.3x sixty foot, 5.xx@1xx 1/8 mile, 8.95@120.88 1/4 mile LOL. I more/less let off at the 1/8 mile and maybe half throttled it a couple times after that through to the 1/4 mile beams. I don't really have any desire to push the car to 150+ mph in the 1/4 and I don't think its really geared for it. But at least I got me an 8 second timeslip LOL.

    The 2nd pass I made was pretty close to the 1st and they didn't give me a 1/4 mile time slip, but for some reason they flashed an 8.7x on the boards even though I was running 1/8 mile heads up with no times supposed to be shown.

    I've been doing a little list/grudge racing lately and while a lot of people have an idea what my car runs, not everyone does, so we won't be real specific on that 1/8 mile time LOL.

    The good thing, I'm sitting at #2 on the small tire track car Houston DOT Top 10 list and have a callout on Daniel Burkes Blazonic the weekend after next.
    The bad thing, the motor is starting to smoke a bit and is having blowby issues, so its just about time to pull it for a refresh and I have no $$$ or time for that.
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    against Daniel, you better pill it till you kill it lol
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    Congrats! that is awesome.

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    Nice pass buddy! Keep up the good work!

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    VERY nice man!! I'm jeally!

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