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Thread: Had some fun at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit last week.

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    Had some fun at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit last week.

    Took the 8 hour drive from Houston to Tulsa for the Shelby Mid America Nationals and meet up with some other Bullitt owners and Joe here from WSM to run at Hallett.

    What an adventure.

    On the way to Tulsa somewhere between the Oklahoma border and Tulsa my car got sprayed with paint. Luckily I had a tape bra on it but my entire front bumper, hood, windshield, ect. were covered in paint drops.

    Arrived in Tulsa and got out of the car and was like WHAT THE HECK! Of course I only had two rags with me and one bottle of detail spray. Spent the next 1.5 hours rubbing most of the paint off my paint.

    Thursday on my way to the track my GPS decided to take me down 10 miles of gravel roads, my car was filthy by the time I got to the track.
    On Thursday I messed up and signed up for group 3 which allowed no passing much to my horror. Proceeded to dog on the GT500, GT350 and new 2015+ GT for the whole day. Also someone flipped their new GT350 (see pictures)

    Friday I got into group 2 which was stacked with GT350's and a really bad ass Falcon. Much better results. Got a good video of me chasing Paul's #68 GT350R.

    Saturday I stopped off in Dallas for the DFW Bullitt get together on my way home and got to eat some delicious BBQ.

    On to the pictures and videos:

    Some others from the local mustang clubs around Houston.

    Trimming the grass :wink2:


    1000 miles, 1 can of paint, and 2 days at the road course later: (the paint came off)


    Eating up a 13-14 GT500 Thursday, the red car is supposed to be the pace car but the poor guy couldn't keep up.

    Getting passed by a bad ass Falcon and several GT350's including my friend from Houston's

    Trying to keep up with Paul's #68 GT350R

    Vintage Mustang Race

    Following Joe around:

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    Glad you were able to get the stray paint off of your car, it looks great. Hallet is a fantastic track! ran my '93 there a few years back. Can't wait to make it back up there.


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