So we have 2003 expedition and recently started having some issues..

#1 CIL came on and is throwing P0442 EVAP Control System Leak Detection, reading a few posts here and elsewhere, it can be as simple as gas cap to the sensor located by the gas tank. If it is the gas tank sensor, Does someone have the part number to buy it?

#2 Door ajar keeps coming on while driving and interior lights stay on and off well after you have exited the truck.. the other night i tried to pull the fuse for the doom lights, but the one that controls them also controls the gauge cluster, so had to reinstall. And testing each door individually resulted in all passing, meaning that when i open each door with the key in the on position, each one triggered the lights and once closed they all turned off the lights.. (this includes the back glass and back door)

I stopped by tommy vaughn today and to replace all 4 doors would be $195, for something like this, i would be ok with buying online, so was hoping to also get a part number for these door sensors..

Can anyone help with either of these questions?

Trying to do this on a budget, as we were affected big time by hurricane harvey.. so anything i can order online and save some money would be great.

thank you