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Thread: 95 mustang gt wont start all the time. Need help

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    95 mustang gt wont start all the time. Need help

    Just bought 95 gts about 6 weeks ago it would start all the time for the first week, it had a lot of electrical components changed by the previous owner because he said it would only start when it wanted to and that he fixed it (he lied) . Anyways the key has been bypassed and you start the car with the ignition box it seems like as the weeks go by it takes longer to get the car to crank. When you push on the ignition switch (turn the key) it takes multiple trys until the starter finally comes on and turns the motor over. Ive already put a new starter and the old one still worked but it was the original and just seemed really worn out, the new starter didnt help at all. Im hoping someone on here can help me out.


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    Sounds like you need to trace out the wiring to your starter. I would go from the starter to the solenoid. If looks good, jump a positive 12v wire from the battery to the side of the starter solenoid that the starter cable is attached to. If it hits the starter and turns over well several times in a row, then your problem is either the solenoid itself or somewhere upstream of the solenoid. Starter solenoids are reasonably cheap.
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