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Thread: Rules...Read them!

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    Rules...Read them!

    Basic Guidelines:

    1. Please post in the correct forum! If you post in the wrong area, it will be moved to the correct area once. If you continue to disregard rules and post in the wrong area, your ad will be deleted.

    2. All for Sale Ads require the sellers name, a price, a method to reach the seller, and the location of the items within the post or your avatar. If you don't have all of this in your post, your thread will be locked or deleted. A valid phone number is a good idea. While not required, it will help you with your sale, and it will help keep people honest. For example, a potential buyer will be more comfortable buying from someone whom he/she knows they can contact, vice someone that only exists via an e-mail. If you’re not comfortable with your number being on the public forums, consider giving it to a prospective buyer via PM.

    3. Classifieds are for the sale of privately-owned parts from individuals, and also for authorized advertisers. Non-authorized businesses who wish to post ads in the Classifieds should contact Guy (Whitey92Lx) or click -->HERE<-- This is not craigslist. These classifieds are meant for regulars, not just another place to sell parts for money.

    4. Do NOT rip people off. If you do, you’ll be BANNED and peddling your parts elsewhere. Please report any abuse of this rule to ANY WSM ADMIN or MODERATOR and action will be taken immediately.

    5. Don't hijack Classifieds threads. If you want to BS, use the Smack Down forum.

    6. If you want to reply to a "Wanted" ad with something for sale but have less then 10 posts, please use PM. If not, your post will get deleted.

    Guidelines for threads/ads

    1. Make clear in the topic of the thread whether the item is For Sale, Wanted, or For Trade. Acronyms like FS, WTB, and WTT are the most common.

    2. Search the For Sale forums before posting a WTB ad. The reason for this should be self-evident, but we find ourselves having to put it in writing.

    3. Post ads in the appropriate forums. Ads placed in the inappropriate forum will be moved or re-moved. Engine parts ONLY belong in the engine forums, drivetrain parts ONLY belong in the drivetrain section, so on and so on. MAKE SURE to post the years the parts work with somewhere in the post.

    4. Do not post separate ads for the same category of parts (ex. pushrod parts). If you have multiple parts for sale and they all belong in the same forum, COMBINE THEM IN TO ONE POST.

    5. IF YOU ARE PARTING OUT A CAR, please at least try to break down a list of parts per the correct forum. What this means is, don't just post "Parting out a '92 LX" in every forum and then have a free-for-all on parts. Break it down to interior parts available, drivetrain parts, etc and post them in the correct forum. Not doing so may cause your thread to be locked.

    6. TTT (to the top) of your post may be done 1 time per 24 hours.

    7. If you can't deliver an item being sold within 72 hours of selling it, then make a very obvious note about that in your for sale ad.

    8. If your item sells, PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR THREAD AND NOTE THAT IT IS SOLD by Locking the thread AND either editing the topic or posting within the thread. that it is sold or no longer for sale.


    If you have any questions or comments about the Classifieds Guidelines, please PM Whitey92Lx, Ultamax or Blue91 and the issue can be discussed. If your thread does get locked, please do not take it personal. We are all here for the same reason, so lets enjoy the site.

    WSM is in NO way responsible for the sales/purchasing of parts/merchandise in the Classifieds section of this forum. It will be the sole responsibility of the parties involved to make their OWN judgment on purchases and sales pending. WSM WILL NOT be held accountable/ responsible for any sales/purchases or issues within regarding such and reserves the right to EDIT,LOCK or DELETE any post on any so called issues at anytime.

    Good luck and happy flea marketing!
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