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Thread: How to sell a vehicle in Texas

  1. How to sell a vehicle in Texas

    Here is a list of things compiled from that outline How to sell a vehicle in the State of Texas.

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    Vehicle Titles and Registration Forms

    you need to fill out 130-U Application for Texas Certificate of Title or the buyer cannot get a title in their name (very important) without a lot of work or funny business
    I would also strongly recommend filling out form VTR-346 Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification
    I would recommend getting a bill of sale detailing the date and the person buying the car.
    Notify your insurance company and provide them documentation. You're potentially liable as long as the car is in your name. The VTR346 and bill of sale are your defense if the the person buying it from you totals a daycare bus and kills all the toddlers while it is in your name.

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    And just in case you didn't know, they set the value of the vehicle now (unless you buy from a car lot). You cant just go in and say I paid $400 for the truck like you used to. Older cars it really doesn't matter, but higher dollar stuff it does.

    Its called Standard Presumptive Value. You can go here and put your vin number and odomoter reading in and it will tell you you will be paying taxes on:
    Standard Presumptive Value
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